Topic outline

  • Class 1 (8/06/17)

    Islamic History: 14 Masomeen

    • Who are the 14 Masomeen?
    • Game to help familiarize us with thier names
    • What is the Differences between prophets and Imams when it comes to their role in Islam?
    • Family tree of the Ahlulbayt starting with the grandfather of the Holy Prophet


    • The tree of Islam (Level 3, Page 14)
      • Usool ad-Deen
      •  Furoo ad-Deen

    • Practice Salah and the meaning (Level 4, Page 88)

    • Class 2 (8/13/17)

      Islamic History:

      • Discuss the Period of Jahilia (ignorance)
      • Establishment of Islam, and the life of the prophet prior to the revelation of Islam
      • The significance of the Hijra calendar and the historical migration
      • Imam Ali's role on the night of Prophet's migration


      • Review Furoo ad-Deen
      • Practice Salah and the meaning

      • Class 3 (8/20/17)


        • Tawheed (Level 3, Page 23)
          • Submission to Allah
          • Asma al-Husnaa

         Islamic History: (Level 6, Page 225)

        • Review the significance of the Migration of the Holy prophet from Mekka to Madina
        • Learn about the first battle in Islam, Battle of Badr. When?
        • For context we Identified who were the Quraish, Bani Hashim, Muhajirin and the ansars Ansars
        • Discuss the treatment of the prisoners by the Holy Prophet after the Mekkans were defeated
          • Makkans who were taken captive were told if they taught the Muslims to read and write, they would be allowed to live freely in the city.
          • making it clear that knowledge was the first priority in Islam.

        • Class 4 (8/27/17)

          Islamic history

          • Review the battle events of the Battle of Badr and its significance in Islamic History
          • Story of Prophet Ibrahim, His interaction with the king of his time, Namrood and the big fire
          • Prophet Ibrahim's status as an Imam & a Prophet as well as the Friend of Allah and how he got that title?
          • How is Prophet Ibrahim related to the events of Hajj


                     Asma al-Husna: al-Khaliq, al-Kareem

          • Class 5 (9/03/17)

            Islamic History

            • Discuss Hajj - What is Hajj, What do we do during Hajj what are the different locations we visit?
            • What are our actions a reenactment of? (Prophet Ibrahim's test)


                         Asma al-Husna: al-Baseer, al-Qadeer (Level 2, Page 27)

            • Class 6 (9/10/17)


              • Adalat and Justice of Allah
              • Do we want to be judged by Allah's Justice or mercy?
              • Talk about names of Allah : Ar-Rahmaan, Ar-Raheem, Al-Adil (Level 1, Page 36)

              Islamic History

              • What happened durng the events of Eid-e-Gadeer and Eid-e-Mubahilla? When did they occur?
              • Why are these events so important to me as a Shia?
              • What do we learn from the Holy prophet when he asked the Christians to come back in less glamorous clothing?

              • Class 7 (9/17/17)

                Islamic History

                • The event of Saqifa and Eid ul Ghadeer 
                • How are these two events connected to each other?
                • Who was appointed to be the next Khalif of the time? Why do Shia disagree with this?
                •  play game for revision


                           Asma al-Husna: al-Aleem (Level 1, Page 40)


                • Class 8 (9/24/17)

                  Islamic History

                  • Touched upon the life and death of Bibi Fatema (as)
                  • Why did Bibi Fatema want her funeral to be held secretly?
                  • Imam Ali and Bib Fatema
                  • The children of Bibi Fatema


                  • Nabuwwah (Level 4, Page 38)
                    • Qualifications of Nabi
                    • Difference between Nabi and Rasool
                    • Ulul 'Azm Prophets and the Divine Books

                  • Class 9 (10/08/17)

                    Islamic History (Level 3 , Page 254)

                    • Who was Imam Husayn?
                    • Imam Husayns Journey to Karbala
                    • Hurr's role in the events of Karbala
                    • Overview of the events of Karbala and the aftermath
                    • The journey of the women from Karbala to Kufa then to Shaam
                    • Bibi Zainab and the importance of the role of women in the survival of Islam


                    • Imamah (Level 4, Page 44)
                      • Why does an Imam have to be selected by Allah?
                      • Why do we need an Imam at all times?

                    • Class 10 (10/15/17)

                      Islamic history

                      • Story of Prophet Ibrahim an Prophet Ismai'l


                      • Qiyamah:(Level 4, Page 51)
                        • For what purpose did Allah create us?

                        • How will the Day of Judgment Happen?

                      • (10/22/17) No Class

                        Sunday School Gust Speaker

                        • Class 11 (10/29/17)

                          • FRIENDS OF IMAM HUSAIN (A) (Level 3, Page 267)

                          • Review history and Ihkaam by game

                          • Class 12 (11/5/17)

                            • Story of Imam Ali (AS) (Level 3, Page 146)
                              • Student presentation

                            • Prophet Musa (A) Part 1 (Level 4, Page 205)

                            • Practice Wudhu

                            • Class 13 (11/12/17)

                              • Prophet Musa (A) Part 2 (Level 4, Page 211)
                              • Practice Salah

                              • (11/19/17) No class

                                Parent-Teacher Meeting

                                • Class 16 (12/17/17)

                                  Semester TEST