Sunday School

Guidelines and Policies

  • Age:
    Minimum age required at the time of registration is 5 years (attending Kindergarten at the new school year)

  • Dress Code:
    The dress code of all participants of the Sunday School must comply with the Islamic requirements.

  • Attendance:
    Parents are requested to bring their children regularly and ON TIME to the school. Also, they must pick up their children on time. The school administration will not be held liable if students are not picked up by the assigned pick-up time.

    The student’s success at the Sunday School is dependent on their regular attendance. Therefore, if a child is absent for 3 consecutive Sundays, parents need to schedule a meeting with the Sunday school administration for the child to be able to continue at the school. In addition, readmission of the student might be required.

  • Conduct and Behavior:
    ABS Sunday School expects all students to behave according to the teachings of Quran, prophets, and Ahlul-Bayt. Therefore, students are expected to show respect to themselves, other students, teachers, and faculty at the school.

Latest Updates/News
First Day of Sunday School is September 10th.

Please contact us if you have any questions.